The Admiral Thomas Wilson Document – Secrets of UFO Cover-up Revealed (‘UFO Researcher’)

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Since there has been some discussion of UFO topics at E-Cat World I thought it might be interesting to some of the readers to bring to their attention a document that has received a lot of attention in recent weeks in the UFO community.

The Admiral Thomas Wilson document is a leaked file which composed of the notes from a meeting between Dr. Eric W. Davis, a scientist with EarthTech International, a research organization in Austin, Texas.  and former (J2) Deputy Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Adm. Thomas Wilson in the back of his staff car at the EG&G building in Las Vegas. (Davis is also a former employee of The National Institute for Discovery Science, an organization  founded in 1995 by Nevada real-estate developer Robert Bigelow for the study of UFOs and paranormal phenomena)

The original Thomas Wilson document is available here: It was obtained by James Rigney,  an Australian architect, space enthusiast and UFO researcher, who says that he received the document from a trusted source who provided it to him on strict condition of anonymity. This source rescued the file and others from the archives of the late Astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Rigney states that he did not leak this file to the public (it was first posted on Reddit), but it is likely that someone he had shared it with did. An interview by Richard Dolan with Rigney regarding his role in obtaining this document is available here.

In this document, years after the events unfolded, Adm. Thomas Wilson gives an account of how he was told by Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project about the existence of Special Access Projects (SAPs) holding UFO material. This information led to him to search for these projects within the US Defense establishment. He ended up finding the SAPs; however, after speaking with SAP managers, he was denied access to these projects, despite his position as the (J2) Deputy Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

However, in this leaked document, he tells Eric Davis, who now works for Hal Puthoff of Earthtech and To The Stars Academy (and who also happens to be a scientific adviser for the SAFIRE Project) that he was told that they (the SAP) had a craft, and “it was technology that was not of this Earth – not made by man – not by human hands. He was told that the SAP was working on reverse engineering the acquired craft.

I believe that the Wilson document represents nothing less than a smoking gun which provides absolute evidence of the reality of crash recoveries of ET craft and ultra-classified unacknowledged and “waived” (meaning even more exempt from reporting requirements) Special Access Projects which are in possession of such recoveries.

This is literally the most important document ever obtained by the UFO community. It’s authenticity is unquestionable. On the record, all of the major players that used to work for NIDS or are currently affiliated with To The Stars Academy have made such confusing, odd statements about the document that while not blatantly admitting it’s true, seem to confirm its authenticity. For example, here is a statement by Hal Putoff when asked by UFO researcher Richard Dolan about the document:


With regard to authenticity, we have no comment on the documents recently being circulated. As some of us still retain USG security clearances and remain bound by the secrecy oaths we have taken, we believe it is in the best interest of the USG and ourselves not to comment on any documents that purport to describe classified USG programs or information.

Best regards,


Off the record, however, researchers Richard Dolan and Grant Cameron have indicated – without providing any quotes – they received additional statements from former members of NIDS and individuals connected to TTSA which confirm the reality of this document. These off the record statements are from multiple sources, including Christopher Kit Green and Hal Puthoff.

Additionally, the fact that Eric Davis has not refuted the document is additional suggests that it’s real. A few other documents, which are not discussed here, from Edgar Mitchell’s archive have been released and prove that this document is authentic.

Perhaps one of the biggest takeways from this document is that we now know who in the government actually knows the truth about the UFO/ET reality: a group called the Special Access Program Oversight Committee and their leadership team called the Senior Review Group. Going back through public records that are freely available on the internet, we can determine who was in this group, who they reported to (the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense who would then report to the Under Secretary of Defense) and know who really has information about these issues.

I have created an  annotated version of the Admiral Thomas Wilson which includes my findings after intensely studying the document and scouring the internet for information.

I believe I have found three fundamental questions about the document: the likely name of the Chairman of the Senior Review Group that made the decision to deny Adm. Wilson access to SAPs, and threatened his career, the likely name of the investigator who had previously almost exposed their programs, and the name of the contractor who is working on the UFO technology.

In this document, Admiral Wilson refers to “core secrets” that are defined as information that if revealed could bring about the failure of a government program. Let’s spread this document and these core secrets far and wide to help accelerate UFO disclosure.

In terms of the connections between UFOs and advanced energy technologies I believe there are many potential connections.

The EVO (Exotic Vacuum Object) phenomena is likely a critical component of many UFO technologies including energy production and propulsion. EVOs are also at the heart of LENR or cold fusion and almost every exotic energy technology going back the past hundred years. I think one reason, out of several, for the suppression of such exotic energy technologies in the past, such as LENR, was that they could lead to the same technologies the unacknowledged Special Access Projects were working on privately.

Many UFOs seem to produce a bright light around themselves and produce a strange audible sound – this is most likely because they are creating a field configuration around themselves that mimics that of an EVO. Kenneth Shoulders described how EVOs could negate a huge portion of their mass and energy almost as if they were surrounding themselves in a “warp bubble.” He was able to accelerate EVOs to high speeds, tiny fractions of the speed of light, for extremely low input energies. A UFO with the same field configuration – for example a bubble of magnetic vector potential – could reduce it’s mass/inertia. This would result in amazing performance characteristics including reactionless thrust, seamless travel through various media (transitioning through space, atmosphere, and water), instant acceleration, etc. Basically, instead of the UFO traveling at high speeds a portion of space around the craft would be traveling through space. This is likely the same mechanism used by the Fluxliner ARV (Alien Reproduction Vehicle) manufactured by Lockheed and witnessed by Brad Sorensen at their Palmdale facility. Also, the TR3B black triangle craft is stated to be real according to Tom Delonge of TTSA who was informed by his principle advisers, Gen. William Neil McCasland, a former Director of Special Projects for OUSDAT and Senior Review Group member, and Robert F. Weiss a former Vice President of Lockheed and manager of Skunkworks.