SAFIRE Project has New Mandate – ‘Create Beneficial and Commercially Viable Transformative Technologies for Humanity’

Thanks to Artefact for posting this video.

The SAFIRE project is going to be presenting at the GlobalBEM Conference to be held November 9 & 10, in Breukelen, The Netherlands.

It appears that SAFIRE project is moving into a new phase. Until now their presentations were rather understated in terms of the claims they were making. The would show things in their plasma engine that was unusual and interesting but not make any bold claims about what was going on.

This video is has a different tone. They are announcing themselves as “Transformative Technology”, and say that they have a “new mandate”, which is to “create beneficial and commercially viable transformative technologies for humanity”, with these captions:

Efficient Clean Energy
Remediation of Nuclear Waste
Transmutation of Elements