Interesting and Simple Experiments for Transmutation by Roberto Mondaini (Curbina)

The following post has been submitted by Curbina.

Today I became aware for the first time, thanks to member BruceInKonstanz of LENR-forum, of the claims of Italian Radio Technician Roberto Mondaini about being capable of transmutation of elements in a simple electrolyzer experiment.

It is easy to dismiss the experiment at first sight as the conditions reported are close to the ones necessary to form CuOH(2). However Mondaini has supporting analysis that say that what is formed is copper sulphate and copper sulphite, while S is notoriously absent from the water, copper wires and reactives used.

He also claims that if the experiment is left to run for three days (with periodic pole swapping to clean the electrodes) most of the K present initially is transmuted to Na, and he also shows analytical evidence to support this.

These videos have been published for 7 years and I had never heard anything of him. BruceInKonstanz attended ICCF 22 and spoke with Mondaini there. He also says has replicated the experiments with apparent production of copper sulphate/sulphite but he has not performed analysis.

I think this is a very easy to replicate experiment, except for the analytical part which requires external services, therefore I wanted to share this with you to see if it interests the E-catworld readers or to see if anyone knows about him.

The links to the three part transmutation videos (which have an English voice over that I assume has some minor mistakes) are here: