Rossi: Team Hoping for Champagne by End of This Week

UPDATE: I thought this was a noteworthy Q&A to add to this post:

Frank Acland
November 19, 2019 at 5:35 PM
Dear Andrea,

Can you say anything more about recent activities in your R&D program? And how is your team feeling about what is going on?

Andrea Rossi
November 19, 2019 at 6:33 PM
Frank Acland:
The work of our team is proceeding vrery well and it is not impossible that by the end of this week we reach our goal. We are very advanced. I am here, in the lab, working with my Team. We all hope that by the end of this week we will uncork a bottle of Dom Perignon. I think that if it will not be the end of this week it will not be far. We made enormous progress during these last 10 days.
Warm Regards,


I’m not sure if Andrea Rossi has yet achieved any success with the self-sustaining E-Cat but a post on the Journal of Nuclear Physics yesterday indicates that he is very happy about the pace at which his work is going in terms of validation of his theory.

In a response to a question about about his published theory, Rossi wrote:

Andrea Rossi

I still am stunned about the attention dedicated to this theoretical-experimental publication.
About the theoretical progress: yes, we are finding experimental confirmations of all the theoretical hypothesis made in the paper. Some theories have been confirmed experimentally for the first time in the world. Our Team is making an outstanding job.
Our work is proceeding better than expected.
Warm Regards,

Rossi’s theory of what is going on in the E-Cat seems to have settled down somewhat since he published his paper “E-Cat SK and long-range particle interactions”, and now he is saying that the current experiments he is doing confirm “all” his hypotheses, which is quite a claim. I still think that it will take a demonstration of a stable self-sustaining E-Cat to give any validity to this claim, however.