Video: How the Electric Universe Model Can Help LENR Overcome Problems (Edwin Kaal)

Thanks to Jas for pointing out a video published last month by Electric Universe UK in which Edwin Kaal, gives as a talk titled ‘The Structured Atom Model and Transmutations’.

Of particular interest to me is a section of the talk in which he discusses LENR in a slide titled ‘
Issues in LENR preventing a breakthrough’. He lists three issues that have been problematic to LENR researchers:

– Lack of controllability – control of the electrodes proves difficult
– Repeatability is not always assured
– No theoretical model – reactions are not understood

Quotes from the lecture:

The original experiment by Pons an Fleischmann (1989) has been recreated by Melvin Miles (1991) in such a way that it is. or should be indisputable. Excess Heat and He4 production from D2 is precisely correlated.

The LENR community is in need of new physics. An accurate model for the atom that explains these reactions, which have shown to be true, and it has been proved that these transmutations are occurring. Excess energy, heat is proven. The reliability of these results is poor, and therefore real life application are not really forthcoming, let alone investments.

He states there is no hard radiation in LENR, yet nuclear reactions are happening — how can that be? He says he believes that the reason is that the inner electron does not change.

He says that the electric aspects are not well understood in LENR, and that the Electric Universe model can shed light on LENR pheonomena

Eric Kaas argues for a structured/static model for the nucleus which he says is seen in traditional physics as a ‘heresy’ and refers to how Norman Cook pointed out that the European Physical Society have accepted that the nucleus might actually be structured.