MFMP Video: “Looking back – looking forward – Let’s make 2020 the year of LENR”

Bob Greenyer did a livestream video yesterday and here is the recording of it. Sorry I missed the live broadcasting of it.

Here is his description from YouTube

ERRATA: Around 30 mins Bob says “Saltpeter” when he meant “Potash”, at the end of the video he correctly calls K2CO3 – potash.

NOTE: The best kind of Potash for these experiments would be made from burnt wood as it would have 14C baring carbon. This was the kind as used by the Alchemists.

Here is the English translation of Parkhomov paper – there will be an update with links to videos of many of the tests.

Silicon is synthesised from fusion and 2:2 of 16O
Ca from fission of Mo

Logic – most common isotopes in reagents that produce most energy (solution to putting into small box), evidence in nature of abundance of products matches prediction and outcome.