Brian Albiston Reports on Mizuno Analog Experiment — No Excess So Far (LENR Forum)

Thanks to LION for posting a link on LENR Forum which was posted by researcher Brian Albiston who has been working to replicate the Mizuno LENR experiment.

Brian has done an excellent job sharing data, descriptions and photos of his work. So far however he has not been able to replicate Mizuno’s results or anything close to them. He states that he is working alone and being assisted with funding by his FluxHeat business partner.

He writes:

“I am now one week into my first “fueled” Mizuno analog experiment and so far have seen no evidence of unconventional behavior. I want to share my experimental setup so that if unconventional results are later seen there is a previous understanding of my test setup and procedures.”

He explains that the preparation of the mesh is difficult and he is not even sure if was able to get any palladium deposited on the nickel mesh.

He says he is continuing to work on this experiment and is doing a “second pump down and bake out which will likely last another several days”