Patents Filed by Montgomery Childs of the SAFIRE Projects Published

Thanks to an ECW reader for sending the following links and comments about patents filed at the US Patent Office by Montgomery Childs (of the SAFIRE project)

Electrode Assembly for Plasma Generation

Ion Generator Apparatus

Manipulator for Movement of Articles in a Controlled Environment Chamber

They reveal a few tidbits, such as a steel anode with at least 20% nickel content.
Also, the reactor is already built with additional features they have not discussed publicly. For example, magnetic cones that could be used to move the plasma around.
Also, it talks about the potential application of RF or microwaves to augment the plasma
Monty Childs talked about that during an interview.
This is the same phenomena but in a different arrangement than the E-Cat. The macro-EVO in this case is wrapped around the anode vs. free floating like like the in video of the E-Cat SK