Brilliant Light Power Publishes New Business Presentation

Thanks to Morgan McK for posting a link to a document from Brilliant Light Power, titled ‘Business Presentation’, dated February 8, 2020, and made available on the News section of the BrLP’s website here.

It is a well organized overview of the Brilliant Light Power, including descriptions of their technology and providing data from various tests and validations that have been carried out over recent years. The document highlights some of their most important milestones, and talks about the size of the energy market that BrLP is working to compete in.

As far as new developments go, there is a slide that is titled ‘Brilliant Light Power’s Path Forward’ which included the following bullet points:

•Prove our power source to the world in the near term through power measurements, identification of the Hydrino® products of the reaction, and engineered power systems.

•Independent SunCell® and Hydrino Validations

•Advance the technology•Engineer continuous power systems

•Commercialize solutions

The full document can be read here: