A Display for Our State Fair (Gregory Daigle)

The following post has been submitted by Gregory Daigle.

Last year I made a proposal to our Minnesota state fair to create an exhibit on LENR. This year I will be proposing a free-standing exhibit again and I would like to get feedback from E-Cat contributors.

Here is the current design (larger resolution available here):

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and Dept. of Commerce have sponsored the Eco Experience building at the state fair since 2006. It is the largest state fair in the United States by average daily attendance and runs from August 27 through September 7. Approximately 270,000 people visit the building over the 12 days of the fair. The goal is to showcase Minnesota carbon reduction and climate mitigation/resiliency/adaptation stories.

I’ve designed a free-standing 5-panel display as part of our proposal. Messaging on panels cover the topics:
Distributed Energy
About the Heat
SK Leonardo
LENR in vehicles

Four of the five panels will include interactive apps on tablets as follows:

Panel 1: A slide-burst of resources given as URLs and QR code
Panel 2: Interactive software showing how many solar panels it would take to equal the energy of an SK or similar LENR generator of heat
Panel 4: Drag and drop interaction comparing the energy and power of other fuels compared to that of nuclear and LENR.
Panel 5: Interaction showing how the driving range decreases and energy consumption increases for EVs when you heat the passenger compartment of a vehicle.

Panel 3 may display a component of a LENR device (hopefully, an SK or SKL component).

Messaging of the display panels should be simple, and what you see on the current design is preliminary and may need correction or updating.
Some easy-to-understand statements on the panels would be helpful. Some statements that are kid-friendly would be nice.

For example, I’d like to know:
How many grams of nickel in an SK or SKL charge?
How many nickels (the coin) would that represent?
Other easy to comprehend comparisons addressing input or output of E-Cats
Also, any additional ideas as to what would make for interesting software interactions would be appreciated.

My biggest challenge will be that submissions are due March 6, and will be selected by March 20. These dates are likely before Rossi’s next presentation, and possibly even before the end of the testing of the SKL. Without a product introduction or clear public support by corporate partners, it is unlikely that the committee evaluating exhibits will consider the technology to be sufficiently proven (this is the reason it was rejected last year).

Hopefully, a significant presentation made by Rossi in late March or April will change their minds and I can advocate for either:
1. Reconsideration of the exhibit, or,
2. As a pop up display to be shown for only a few days of the fair.