Aureon Energy Website Launched – New Company to Commercialize SAFIRE technology

A new website for Aureon Energy, a company to commercialize the SAFIRE project, has been published at

Here are a few highlights from the website.

Aureon describes SAFIRE as follows:

“SAFIRE can create, control, contain, sustain, and repeat-at-will any number of plasma regimes. No other technology in the world can do this.”

The Opportunity page outlines their business strategy:

They characterize SAFIRE as a “medium-temperature plasma reactor currently producing a controllable plasma discharge, which can be generated at will, and run continuously over extended periods of time”. They state that there is no need for expensive magnets to control the plasma.

Aureon projects that over the next five years they will create a commercial product, which will remediate nuclear waste and simultaneously produce energy. They outline three stages of development:

Phase 1 – Refining process and designing new reactor
Phase 2 – Build non-commercial reactor prototype
Phase 3 – Manufacture of final commercial prototypes.

The science of SAFIRE page describes their scientific approach:

Aureon does not claim to understand the science behind the results they have observed experimentally in which excess heat is produced, and transmutations occur. They are open to testing various theories through experimentation and invite people to propose such experiments. They cite LENR theories and Randall Mills’ hydrino theory as possible explanations, but endorse no particular model.

There is a page on the site that lists patents published to date (

Their team includes Montgomery Childs (CEO and Founder), Michael Clarage (Chief Science Officer) and Paul Anderson (Chief Technical Officer). Hal Puthoff, a familiar name to many, is a member of their Science Advisory Board.