COVID-19 Possible Solutions Thread

Naturally I am following the unfolding story of the spread and impact of the coronavirus COVID-19 across the world. It has had a massive and devastating impact to many so far and it seems like serious problems will continue.

We talk a lot about science and technology here, but this is not a medical website. However I am sure that all readers here are being impacted by this pandemic to one degree or another. I thought it might be useful to put up a thread on the site with the purpose at looking at some of the possible scientific solutions out there that could be implemented that might help ease the situation.

We all want this thing to be dealt with swiftly and effectively, and with the information and communication resources at our disposal these days, it might be that we can tackle the problem more swiftly today than has been possible in the past. There are people all over the world working as we speak to try and find ways to deal with this virus.

In my experience, ECW readers tend to be inventive, creative and inclined to solve problems. The purpose of this thread is for readers to share information about possible scientific/medical solutions to the disease, with the hope that we might be able to have some kind of positive influence on the current situation.

This thread is not meant for general news and events surrounding COVID-19, which can be found on many, many sites all over the web. I’d like this thread to be focused on sharing scientific information that could prove useful in the fight to defeat this virus.

I wish all of you the best as we face this problem together.