Rossi: Third Party Testers are “Clients”

Here are some interesting questions from Gerard McEk on the Journal of Nuclear Physics yesterday, and Andrea Rossi’s responses:
Gerard McEk

Dear Andrea,
If I understand it right, there are two parties testing the E-Cat SKL.

AR: There are more than two parties examining the SKL.

Some questions about that, if I may:
1. Does each party have a separate E-cat for testing?
AR: no

2. Is/Are this/both E-cat(s) at your lab?
AR: yes

3. Have both parties started testing?
AR: some has

4. You said there is an ‘independent third party’ test entity, that is not payed by you. What makes them testing it anyway:
A. Payed by another party
B. Because they are curious
C. Some other reason
AR: C (Clients)

5. Are these 3rd party tests be done by a company specialized in this and doing this?
AR: obviously

6. Will the test/certification results be presented at the same time when both parties are finished or are they be presented separately?
AR:  the certifications will be presented when the product will be for sale, the tests are under NDA, eventually it will depend on the situations

7. What is roughly the current estimate when both are finished?
AR: with the corona virus restrictions nobody can schedule anything

Thank you for answering our questions.
Kind regards, all the best and good health, Gerard

Andrea Rossi had said in another recent comment that product certification and third party testing were two completely different things:

Andrea Rossi
March 27, 2020 at 6:12 PM
Frank Acland:
The two things are completely independent from each other.
The certification entity is paid by us to make the product certification, while the independent third party is not paid by us.

The most interesting thing to me here is that Rossi states the third party testing is being paid for and carried out by “clients”, which implies that they are potential future customers who feel they need to know for sure whether the E-Cat is the real deal by putting it to the test.

Also, true to form, Rossi is not sending E-Cats out for testing, as always they stay in his possession, under his control.