E-Cat 2011 NIH (David Fojt)

The following post and article were submitted by David Fojt,

Here I share with everyone my understanding from Ecat 2011 NIH.

Regarding Rossi’s case, we can treat his “folklore” but some are doing better than me for that.

However, I guess he never lied deliberately but mostly by omission, therefore I could be wrong.

From my side, I only investigated things in relation to his technical stuff, reports, etc.

As I understand it, he used 2 catalysts both, a catalyst asked “water gas shift reaction catalyst” an the reverse RWGSR Catalyst to make a loop circuit helped by convection from heat generated by a temperature gap .

So you can see all explanations here in this attached file.

Its additives were these 2 catalysts with mainly copper for the first one and iron for the second one.

The secret catalyst is CO2 mixed with H2 (Syngas).

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