Rossi: E-Cat SKL Development Progresses Despite Coronavirus

Like almost everyone else, Andrea Rossi has had to work under restricted conditions, which includes him being unable to travel, and preventing people from coming to visit him. However, he claims that progress on the E-Cat continues. I asked some questions about what is going on during this time:

Frank Acland

Dear Andrea,

1. What effect has the solitude enforced by coronavirus had on your work?
2. Have you had success yet combining two SKLs to increase the overall power output?
3. Has anyone apart from you built a working SKL without you being physically present with them?

Thank you, and best wishes,

Frank Acland


Andrea Rossi

Frank Acland:
1 none, we are well organized interacting with internet
2 yes
3 not yet
Warm Regards


Rossi has described his E-Cat QX like a Lego block, that you can combine with others to build systems of whatever power size you need. From his response above, it sounds like that is not just a theoretical issue, but something he has been able to achieve. Still, it appears that Rossi continues to keep close control over his invention, since he reports that no one but himself has built an SKL as yet.