Rossi ‘Taking Advantage’ of Coronavirus Period to Improve E-Cat SKL

I asked Andrea Rossi yesterday on the Journal of Nuclear Physics what tasks he was doing these days in terms of the development of the E-Cat SKL.
His response:
Andrea Rossi

Frank Acland:
Measurements aimed to obtain the highest possible efficiency combined with the maximum possible reliability. Designing and redesigning the assebly.
Until we are in the period of grace of the R&D the modifications are fast and cheap, while when we will be in the phase of massive production , modifications will be very expensive. So we must now make all the possible tests and combinations, and compare the results. The corona virus period can be taken advantage of as a sort of an incubator of improvements: any negative event must be turned into a positive chance, which is what I always made in the not easy course of my life.
Warm Regards,

Also, Gerard McEk asked Rossi about his working situation:

Gerard McEk

Dear Andrea,
1. I would guess that the tests have already been finalized and that you are now waiting for the reports, is that right?
2. You obviously took all your stuff to Europe somewhere, where you are continuing your development. I assume it was brought by plane. Does it really take so little equipment to design, built and test the E-Cat SKL?

Rossi’s response:

Andrea Rossi
April 18, 2020 at 7:59 AM
Gerard McEk:
1- no
2- We have most of the equipment necessary to make the Ecats in the USA. Here I have only the instrumentation necessary to work on a prototype and make all the necessary measurements, but the production is there and from there I continue to receive what I need incliding new features.

So from this it sounds like Rossi is saying that the production of E-Cat parts is taking place in the US, while he himself is in Europe working on prototypes, getting materials sent to him from the U.S. as needed.