Rossi says ‘Client’ is a Potential Global Partner

I keep trying to get a clearer understanding of the current situation with the E-Cat, in terms of the business plan. It occurred to me that the reason the testing situation is so important, (which has been hampered due to the coronavirus pandemic) could be because the results will determine whether a deal with a global company is reached. So I asked Andrea Rossi about this on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Frank Acland

Dear Andrea,

I want to see if I am understanding correctly:

You said the party you are currently doing testing with (remotely for now) is a client:
1- who is paying for the the testing ?
2- Is this client also a potential global partner (dependant on the results of the testing)?

Many thanks and best wishes,

Frank Acland


Rossi’s response:

Andrea Rossi
April 26, 2020 at 3:12 AM
Frank Acland:
1- the clients
2- yes
Warm Regards,

From earlier comments by Rossi, he has said that so far, no one has made an E-Cat SKL independently from himself. To me, this suggests that Rossi is withholding certain information about the E-Cat until he has reached a deal that he finds satisfactory. And from the perspective of a client, they want to be completely sure that the E-Cat technology is the real deal before they do a deal with Rossi.

It appears that the coronavirus situation requires that for now the only testing that can take place is remotely. Rossi has said that ideally, the testers will come to him and/or he will go to them, but this is not currently possible.