Mizuno Analogue Replication MR2.5 Completed

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for informing us that Alan Goldwater of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has completed his latest experiment attempting to replicate the work of Mizuno, which he has titled Mizuno Analogue Replication. The data from this run most recent run, MR2.5, as it happened is shown on this Youtube link.

A document giving details about Alan’s setup and a history of earlier experiments is available here:


So far, it does not appear that excess heat has been clearly seen in any of the experiments so far, but Alan Goldwater has stated that the neutron count during the first part of in the previous test, (MR2.4) was elevated to a statistically significant degree.

LENR Forum poster CAN has graphed date from this test which has been posted on the forum here: