Rossi on Opposition to the E-Cat

On the Journal of Nuclear Physics Andrea Rossi has made a somewhat cryptic statement, also a bit confusing in places, due to his use of English, but the underlying message is clear: he is expecting stiff opposition to the E-Cat, and is trying to prepare for that.

Andrea Rossi
May 14, 2020 at 5:26 PM
We will be attacked hardly and our foes will find any possible way to destroy the reputation of the product. We must shield the product against any possible risk that we can imagine. I am making the attorney of the devil against the Ecat SKL.
This is like to prepare a soldier to go in the line of fire without being killed. Our product will be welcome to many, but it will be shoot at by many others and this is a sure fact. I experienced in past something similar ( see ). I want not to repeat that experience.
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It is not hard to imagine various parties and interests who would rather not see the E-Cat emerge, neither is it hard to imagine those who would greatly welcome its advent. It’s also hard to imagine any technology that could cause as much economic, societal or political disruption as the E-Cat SKL, if it works as Rossi has described.