“EVO Vacuum Capacitor” (Bob Greenyer Reviews Claims of Freel Tech)

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for sharing a link to a new MFMP video that he has just published titled, “EVO Vacuum Capacitor”.

In the video, Bob reviews the claims of a Russian group named Freel Tech, who state on their website (http://freel.tech) that they have invented a new kind of capacitor which they describe on as “a revolution in electrical energy storage, to overcome the current limitations in e-moblity and stationary storage. Cheap, safe, eco-friendly, powerful, long-lasting, scalable and a very high density of up to 20 000 wh/kg (≈ 100 x LI-ION)”

Bob notes that Freel Tech refers on their site to  Kenneth Shoulders’ work with exotic vacuum objects (EVOs), or charge clusters as a principle behind their invention.

Bob’s video is here: