Mizuno Technology Inc. Website Published, Company Claims to Lead the Field in Excess Heat Production

Thanks to Gerard McEk for sharing the following link for the website of Mizuno Technology, Inc., a company that claims to be commercializing the LENR technology developed by Tadahiko Mizuno for practical applications.


The site is rather sparse on detail, but they state that Mizuno’s technology has been replicated, and that more replications are under way. No details about these replications are listed on the site, however. Regarding their business plans they state:

“Now we are developing a safe, controllable and powerful reaction to supply nearly unlimited heat to transform poor societies with alternative cooking fuel, heat for agriculture, space heating and clean water. We are moving from the lab to the commercial testing phase.”

They that they currently lead the field in excess heat production, and that “output power is exponentially related to operating temperature.”

There are no team members named, and it is not clear if Mizuno himself is one of the team members. They state that they are based out of Hokkaido, Japan, which I believe is where Mizuno still resides (he was a professor at Hokkaido university), so along with the name of the company, perhaps that is an indication that he is a team member.

The website states that we should “stay tuned” to find out more about the team members.