“ReGenX Generator for Electric Power Generation and Electric Mobility” (Thane Heins Video)

Thanks to Bruce M for sharing a video which discusses the ReGenX generator invented by Canadian inventor Thane Heins who is President and CEO, Potential +/- Difference Inc. 

Heins has been working in this field for many years, but I don’t believe has produced any working products to this point. I don’t have any information to confirm the claims made here, but I post it here for the information of readers.

Below are some of the key claims made in the video:

“Generator armature reaction opposes the torque supplied by the prime mover. Generator armature reaction is also referred to as motor action in a generator, or a counter electromagnetic torque.

“Positive torque performs positive work and increases system kinetic energy, and negative torque performs negative work and it reduces they system’s kinetic energy.

“The ReGenX generator’s load current delay reverses and eliminates 100% of the negative effects of generator armature reaction. Because generator armature reaction is removed, 100% of the input power required during electricity generation is also removed forever!

“The ReGenX generator innovation when applied to electric vehicles is called Electric vehicle regenerative acceleration . . . Electric vehicle regenerative acceleration is the exact opposite of electric vehicle regenerative braking, were the EV is actually accelerated when the batteries are being recharged!

“The electric vehicle regenerative acceleration innovation reverses generator armature reaction (EV regenerative braking), it reverses the generator’s counter electromagnetic torque and it produces a complementary electromagnetic torque . . . which performs positive work.

“Infinite amounts of electricity can now be generated for humanity with the ReGenX Generator innovation while producing zero pollution!”

More information is provided in this slide show titled “Introduction to the ReGenX Generator” https://www.slideshare.net/PDiCEOThaneHeins3240/the-future-of-electric-power-generation-20-for-all-generations?fbclid=IwAR2RJ0JTrpSJrQ-jq9hsgPyvrtf5G-aILc-o1u1yVlxUtxGDu3V2Xb8zX5o

Potential +/- Difference Inc. does not have a website, but there is an Electric Vehicle Regenerative Acceleration Technology Facebook group here, which lists two patents:

Generator and Improved Coil Therefor Having Electrodynamic Properties

The present invention relates to electrical generators and, in particular, to improvements to efficiency in electromechanical energy conversion in electrical generators and electric motors.

Bi-Toroid Topology Transformer

The present invention relates to electrical transformers and, in particular, to improvements to efficiency in energy conversion in electrical transformers.