Claim of Successful Replication of Mizuno LENR Experiment (Desireless)

Thanks to ECW reader Desireless for the comments and image that make up this post.

According measurement I was successfull to replicate Mizuno. COP is only around 1.2 – 1.5 but I am working on a new reactor with more similar design.

Results can be reproduced for over 5 months. I will share more details if anyone want.

Here you can see power on procedure. Note that input power is constant – 50W from the beginning.

Here you have plot that shows excess heat with COP over 1.3. I had no time to calculate it precisely in terms of power, but here you have a plot from one run. The plot is displaying a moment when Deuterium was introduced. As you can see the maxium excess is reached after around 10 minutes. Then the temperature is decreasing. But even then the temperature is higher by a few degrees for seemingly unlimited time.

Setup is power analyser for input power measurement and IR gun for optical measurement and thermocouple for internal measurement.

The best COP can be optained with internal temperature of around 350°C (external at the plot). But also with 800°C excess heat is apparent. Probably this is caused by a diffrent loading.

Another important fact is when there are impurities at the mesh or gas I am able to reach over 5x background gamma ray readings.