The Unifying of Gravity with Energy (Eric Ashworth)

The following paper has been submitted by Eric Ashworth.

The Unifying of Gravity with Energy:


This paper is about energy as understood from the perspective of understanding gravity. Gravity is energy and energy is gravity. There is nothing other except that which it constructs. This no doubt you could find difficult to believe but the statements to be made can be substantiated by geometry, maths and an embodied mechanical mechanism referred to as a ‘Bipolar Unifying Field Oscillator’ (B.U.F.O.)
that is able to demonstrate the understanding in a practical way.

To understand energy you need to understand the complete cycle that involves understanding the conservation of energy. This paper will not deal with the atomic structures as they are well understood as being involved with the permutations of the hydrogen atom i.e. complex mathematical formulae. What it will explain is hydrogen and its direct relationship to the basic format of gravity. In other words, the format of the hydrogen atom is a micro image of the Cosmos with regards its geometry, maths and states i.e. active and static.

Also this paper will deal with the Exotic Vacuum Object (E.V.O.) and the part they play in the
geometric manipulation of the hydrogen atom whereby the curvature forces transition to linear forces and the linear forces transition back to curvature forces. This two stage transition provides an understanding of the Conservation of Energy with regards potential energy and kinetic energy and
has a direct involvement with the recent new source of energy obtained from Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (L.E.N.Rs) as that demonstrated by Andrea Rossi.

Also it will in tandem explain how an ElectroMagnetic drive (E.M. drive) generates propulsion in outerspace for interplanetary commuting. These technologies when fully understood will open up new frontiers in the understanding of energy of which there is nothing other than and therefore this paper will be incomplete to those wishingfull disclosure on every level i.e. I will make a statement without in-depth elaboration even though such statements can be elaborated upon because the subject can become too intense and overwhelming. Therefore this paper has had Occam’s Razor applied to it and can be considered to be in skeletal format but nevertheless informative.

The unifyiing of gravity