NASA: Lattice Confined Nuclear Fusion

Thanks to Greg Goble for sending the following post:

NASA posted an important improved version of the Lattice Confinement Fusion web page. It can be accessed now and includes two new videos. I’ve included an interesting attendant IEEE Spectrum
article; whose growing comment section is worthwhile for your readers to tune-in to, too.

New – ‘Lattice Confinement Fusion’ Website (at NASA)


‘The GRC Team’s LCF Journey’

‘Nuclear Fusion Reactions in Deuterated Metals’


‘NASA Detects Lattice Confinement Fusion’

‘Novel Nuclear Reactions Observed in Bremsstrahlung-Irradiated Deuterated Metals’ NASA/TP-20205001616

‘Nuclear Fusion Reactions in Deuterated Metals’ NASA/TP-20205001617

IEEE Spectrum article 05 Aug 2020

“Spacecraft of the Future Could Be Powered By Lattice Confinement Fusion” By Michael Koziol
-nuclear fusion tokamak not included- (note that it’s in the URL)

Its google snippet is interesting as well:

“NASA researchers demonstrate the ability to fuse atoms inside room-temperature metals. … In fact, all they needed was a bit of metal, some hydrogen, and an electron accelerator. The team believes that their method, called lattice confinement fusion, could be a potential new power source for deep space missions. Aug 5, 2020”