Stable Ball Lightning? Scientists Observe 3-D Skyrmion For First Time (Rossi says related to E-Cat SKL)

A reader named Cecilia posted the following link to an article from Science Daily on the Journal of Nuclear Physics which reports that researchers at Amherst College and Aalto University have created a three dimensional, or ‘knotted’ skyrmion,

From the article:

“In an extremely sparse and cold quantum gas, the physicists have created knots made of the magnetic moments, or spins, of the constituent atoms. The knots exhibit many of the characteristics of ball lightning, which some scientists believe to consist of tangled streams of electric currents. The persistence of such knots could be the reason why ball lightning, a ball of plasma, lives for a surprisingly long time in comparison to a lightning strike. The new results could inspire new ways of keeping plasma intact in a stable ball in fusion reactors.”

The website describes a skyrmion as a “swirling quasi-particle, a knot of twisting field lines, or a subatomic hurricane.”

Interestingly, Cecilia asked Andrea Rossi whether the phenomenon described in the paper was related to the E-Cat SKL.

Rossi responded, “Yes.”