Brilliant Light Power Announce Preparing for Field Trials of 250 kW ‘Primary Energy Source’

Here is a link to a new business presentation that has been published by Brilliant Light Power in which they state that they are moving forward with field trials of a heating product.

Here are some quotes from the document.

Under their ‘About Brilliant Light Power’ heading:

“We have developed a new zero-pollution, primary energy source applicable to essentially all power applications that we are preparing for thermal field trials at a scale of 250 kW and an
extraordinary power density of 5MW/liter.”

Regarding their ‘Path Forward’ they state:

“Our priority development goal is to further conduct on-site field trials through this Fall at 250 kW scale.”

“We plan to support target partner and customer field trials shortly thereafter with the objectives of (i)doing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) strategic partner deals initially with a heat exchanger OEM and a microturbine OEM, and (ii) achieving discounted green power pre-sales to become profitable.”

They describe a recent test:

“The SunCell® was submersed in an 850-liter tap water tank that was initially at room temperature. The SunCell® molten gallium internal temperature remained steady at about 500°C which is a typical operating temperature of a steam turbine power plant. A manifold of water jets maintained a stable external cell temperature while avoidance of localized hot spot formation on the walls was solved using a ceramic liner. The run duration was extended to 104 hours to compete the continuous operation duration trial.”

Brilliant Light Power emphasizes that the thermal market world wide is worth $8 trillion, and they believe that their SunCell product is suited to this market, considering it a ‘Cash Cow’ able to produce energy at ‘dirt cheap’ $20-200 per KW depending on the application.