New SAFIRE Video on “Nuclear Plasma Reactor”

A new video has been posted by Aureon Energy Ltd, about the company’s SAFIRE Plasma Reactor which they are now describing as a ‘nuclear plasma reactor’, and which they say can generate energy, produce heat, transmute elements and remediate radioactive waste. They emphasize the commercial potential of SAFIRE in this video and say that they are concurrently working in the lab and raising funds to bring commercial product to market.

They describe in simple terms how the reactor works: hydrogen fuel enters the reactor, the anode is a metal alloy, the power going in is electrical, the reaction at the core generates heat, the heat creates steam which can run a turbine that generates electricity that can either be sent to the grid, or back into reactor. They say that the hydrogen can be reused, and that no negative radioactive side-effects are produced.

Video can be seen on the Aureon Energy website, and is also posted on Youtube: