European Consortium CleanHME (Clean Hydrogen Metal Energy) Formed to Develop Energy from Hydrogen-Metal and Plasma Systems

A number of ECW readers have posted about a European consortium of private and public entities, including some universities, called CleanHME (which stands for Clean Hydrogen Metal Energy), which has received an EU grant that will allow it to operate for the next four years.

The website of CleanHME is

Here is their stated objective from their website:

“CleanHME shall develop a new, clean, safe, compact and very efficient energy source based on Hydrogen-Metal and plasma systems, which could be a breakthrough for both private use as well as for industrial applications. The new energy source could be employed both as a small mobile system or alternatively as a stand-alone heat and electricity generator. We plan to construct a new compact reactor to test the HME technology during the long-term experiments and increase its technology readiness level. A comprehensive theory of HME phenomena shall be worked out as well.”

There will be a kick-off event held at the University of Szczecin in Poland, September 23-25 2020.

This link provides more details about this event, and how to make travel arrangements:

Here is the planned program from the above link.

September 22, 2020: Evening Welcome Banquet (place to be specified)
September 23, 2020, Papieża Jana Pawła II 22 a, Szczecin: Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, Clean
Energy from Hydrogen-Metal Systems, Hot Nuclear Fusion
September 24, 2020, Wielkopolska 15, Szczecin: Structure of the CleanHME, Presenta+on of the
Work Packages, Discussion, Conference Dinner
September 25, 2020, Wielkopolska 15, Szczecin: Research Managing and Reporting, Financial
Managing and Reporting, General Assembly and Steering Board Meetings