An Interpretation of the Current E-Cat Situation

The following is simply an interpretation of what could be happening with the E-Cat, based on comments from Andrea Rossi, however I do not know how closely it resembles reality.

Imagine you are an executive at an industrial company who has heard about Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat and have enough curiosity to check this guy out to see if this if he is a liar, a lunatic or a genius. If his technology works as he claims, it would be important for your business get involved with it.

You start talking with him and he tells you about his product and explains that he is working on an advanced model of his E-Cat that can generate a lot of electricity and some heat with no need for an external energy source and miniscule amounts of fuel.

Dr. Rossi tells you that he will put on a demonstration of his product for you, you can come to his lab and test it for yourself, under a strict NDA, of course. If you are satisfied that the E-Cat is really a revolutionary technology, your company and Dr. Rossi’s Leonard Corporation will enter into a business partnership in which you provide resources to commercialize the E-Cat, and Leonardo gives you permission to produce and market it.

As you and Dr. Rossi get ready to start this testing, a global pandemic descends on the globe, and all in-person meetings and non-essential travel is put on hold. Dr. Rossi is isolated in his laboratory, and you are stuck in your office. However Dr. Rossi proposes that you get an idea of what his E-Cat can do by showing you some tests via Skype. He sets up an experiment at his lab and invites you to view it. He shows you the E-Cat SKL in operation and shows you power measurements which indicate to you that this machine is actually producing much more electricity and heat that it requires to operate itself.

You scratch your head. Is what you are seeing actually real, or is the dottore playing tricks with you? You know that things you see on the internet can be faked, and there is no way you are going to make a deal with Dr. Rossi just because of something you see over Skype. You HAVE to see this E-Cat in person, and test to your heart’s content — but the pandemic is still keeping you from going to see the E-Cat, or from having Dr. Rossi to come and see you. You have no choice but to wait.

Weeks and months pass, and slowly but surely the coronavirus crisis begins to ease and some restrictions are lifted. You and Dr. Rossi make a decision that you feel it is safe enough to plan a face-to-face meeting where you can finally see and test the E-Cat SKL for yourself. It is September 2020, and the fateful meeting is arranged.

You bring all the testing equipment you can think of to test test for watts, amps, ohms, temperature and radiation. Dr. Rossi gets the E-Cat SKL set up and turns it on. It acts just like it did over those Skype video sessions. It is putting out copious amounts of electricity minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, but it is consuming very little. You set up your radiation detectors around the E-Cat and find that they detect nothing that suggests any unusual or harmful radioactivity.

You scratch your head again. The implications of what you are seeing are staggering. You can’t deny what you are witnessing, but at the same time you are having a hard time taking the implications of it all. What you are seeing is completely new and you realize it could affect the world in profound way, and you as a company have an opportunity to play a part bringing this technology into the world

But how long can this machine operate like this? It’s been running longer than would be possible with even the best battery somehow hidden in the internal parts. But you need to know the capabilities of the E-Cat in order to market it. Will it shut down after a week or two? When will it need to be refueled? You need to do long-term testing in order to answer those questions, so you arrange with Dr. Rossi to do this.

It’s a very interesting and exciting situation, and potentially world-changing venture to be a part of. You wonder how it will all turn out, but you feel like you have no choice now but to continue what you have started.