Article: Clean Planet Co. Ltd Aims to Commercialize its “Quantum Hydrogen Generator”

Thanks to Teppo for sharing this Google-translated link to an article from Tohoku University which includes an interview with Hideki Yoshino and Yasuhiro Iwamura of the Japanese company Clean Planet Co. Ltd.

The officers of Clean Planet speak of a new kind of reaction they describe as “Quantum Hydrogen”, and they state that Clean Planet has built a generator capable of producing 100 W, and are working on a 1 kW version. They claim that the energy density is over 1000 times that of gasoline.

They describe the power generation method thus:

“We have developed a small generator that occludes light hydrogen in nanoscale nickel and copper and stimulates it under certain conditions to cause a condensed nuclear reaction to generate electricity”.

They admit they are in the early stages of developing the technology but have a very ambitious goal in terms of commercialization:

“We aim not only to create this technology, but also to disseminate it. It is necessary to mass-produce this technology in cooperation with companies that can incorporate elements (of generators) into products and disseminate it worldwide as a social infrastructure. If there is a company or administrative division that wants to realize new social infrastructure with this energy, please feel free to contact us.”