Rossi: E-Cat SKL Testers Still in his Lab

Things are still quite hazy, but I get the feeling that the E-Cat SKL is working well. I asked Andrea Rossi yesterday if the testers of the E-Cat SKL were still doing testing in his lab. His answer was ‘yes’. Today I asked another question:

Frank Acland
September 14, 2020 at 1:25 PM
Dear Andrea,

Am I correct in assuming that if the E-Cat SKL was not working, that the testers would have packed up and gone home by now?

Andrea Rossi
September 15, 2020 at 4:45 AM
Frank Acland:
Warm Regards,

Also, today on ECW, reader ‘thruthisimportant’ posted this in response to Buck on the previous thread to this one:

I like your summary for Antonio and your conclusion is correct.
I have followed the project quite close for nine years,
met with Rossi more than once,
sat in the front in Stockholm 2017 and even
watched SKL in Skype this summer.
Within short I hope the main discussion here at ECW will switch from: if and how it works, to :how to get it massively diffused. There are numerous issues to solve before SKL has settled in real practical use. Why not start to bring these up already now?

I understand that generally speaking, there will be skepticism about Rossi’s claims until a signed-sealed-and-delivered third party report is published. But over the years I have gotten used to working with crumbs and clues here and there when there isn’t much else to go on, and I get the sense that the SKL is really working.