DISCOVER COLD FUSION – New Comic Book by Ruby Carat and Matt Howath

The following post and pdf has been submitted by Ruby Carat.

It was a revolutionary new source of energy that could save the planet from mass extinction. But when two chemists shared their scientific discovery with the world, there was anything but joy. Critics said it defied the laws of physics and couldn’t be replicated. The smartest people at the best schools said it wasn’t possible – or they and their graduate student would be dead.

It was sheer luck that a small band of scientists were able to confirm the excess heat energy that Drs. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons generated in tiny table-top cells – from water. Follow along in DISCOVER COLD FUSION as they try to share their research, and get rejected instead.

And there was more. From all over the world, reports of unusual and anomalous effects. What was happening in this simple science experiment? And why couldn’t it be controlled?

This incredible story of scientific courage in is making its debut in comic form with art by Matt Howarth, who captures our heroes in fine rendition. DISCOVER COLD FUSION depicts a host of global characters, who in themselves represent many more who suffered as they researched a new phenomenon.

The scenes are documented in the growing list of books written about the episode. In many cases, the text is directly quoted from sources like Fire From Ice by Eugene Mallove, Excess Heat by Charles Beaudette, and Nuclear Transmutation by Tadahiko Mizuno. A full list of resources is on the website

This .pdf has a few sample pages that are the most “sciency”. A lot of the drama centers around the aftermath of the announcement. Even so, there are good science lessons here, and graphs for teachable moments. Plus, the beginning is a short history of human’s energy use.

Chemists Michael McKubre and Melvin Miles both contributed statements, commenting on their decades long research into the biggest scientific question ever. They both knew Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, personally and professionally, and provided a unique insight into the drama that unfolded after the news conference.

It’s complicated, and this comic book couldn’t possibly tell the whole story. But all too often, the popular books written on this topic were biased diatribes targeting the integrity of successful research and those who do it. Here at last, this monumental discovery is treated for popular taste and proceeds from the view of the scientists who lived the ups and downs first-hand.

This Limited Edition 32-page B&W comic with full-color cover art is suitable for young adults all the way to those who may have heard about the news when it broke. If you are able to purchase extra copies, please drop them by your local high school or college chemistry clubs, maker meetings, your political representatives, environmental groups, the doctors office, the city hall, the train station, and if you know of comic book shops that still exist, drop one off to share the love. Taken in by the art, a little science gets through, too.

There’s a lot of frustration right now. It’s a struggle to find a clear path forward. Let’s take a moment to remember these heroes, and what it means to have integrity. There still is hope that we can turn things around. Keep talking cold fusion to your friends, neighbors, and representatives. Tell them about the chemists who pursued the truth, and created a whole new science to boot, one that offers a green technological future on a planet full of beauty and life.

DISCOVER COLD FUSION is available to order at and ships Sept. 21 from the U.K.