Brilliant Light Power Video: “SunCell First Internal Field Trial”

This video from Brilliant Light Power was published on their YouTube channel on September 15 2020. It is titled “SunCell First Internal Field Trial”

From the video description:

“Specifically, we ran the first internal field trial of our 250-kW thermal reactor with a molten gallium to water heat transfer system to produce boiling water and steam on a continuous basis for the planned 45-minute duration of the trial. A real time excerpt of 20% of the run time is shown in this video. Inspection of the SunCell following the run showed that it was in mint condition and ready for the next trial. We plan to run a series of internal field trials in preparation for deploying SunCells to commercial customers to perform field trials in their facilities.”

BrLP claims that the SunCell has a power density of 5 MW/liter, surpassing the power density of fossil fuels, and that it can be deployed in situtions where there is no grid connection or available fuel infrastructure.