Rossi Only Doing Business with Potential Partners who Contact Him

Andrea Rossi gave an interesting response to a question from Gerard McEk this weekend. Gerard asked if it was difficult to convince his partners of the claimed operation of the Ecat SKL.

Rossi’s response:

No, because I accept to work only with potential Partners that contact me, therefore they have already positively biased for an “impossible invention”.

I do not waste time to convince negatively biased or indifferent concerns. I start to engage only with persons that search me and, consequently, do not knock at closed doors.

So if a business wants to get involved early with Rossi and the E-Cat they need to make the first move and reach out to Leonardo Corp. I am sure that Rossi will do some due diligence about potential partners to see if he things they would be a good fit for collaboration. My guess is that they will have to be well established and financially sound in order for Rossi to consider moving forward with them.

At this point, my guess is that the number of suitors will be fairly small, mostly because the E-Cat is a relatively obscure technology, which over the years has received quite a bit of negative attention and has been largely dismissed by the scientific establishment and media as being a hoax or a mistake. It is a technology that is not on most people’s radar at all.

But I do think there will be some in business willing to give Rossi the benefit of the doubt and try and find out if the E-Cat really is something worth pursuing.