NASA Team Publishes New Paper: “Transmutations Observed from Pressure Cycling Palladium Silver Metals with Deuterium Gas”

Thanks to Jonas Matuzas for posting a link to an article published on the Science Direct website on October 2, 2020.


Title: “Transmutations observed from pressure cycling palladium silver metals with deuterium gas”

Authors: Most of the authors are listed as working at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland Ohio, along with some at private companies.

Gustave C.Fralick (NASA) Robert C.Hendricks (NASA) Wayne D.Jennings (HX5,LLC) Theresa L.Benyo (NASA) Frederick W. VanKeuls (HX5,LLC) David L.Ellis (NASA) Bruce M.Steinetz (NASA) Lawrence P. Forsley (JWK Corporation) Carl E. Sandifer II (NASA)


“Hydrogen, deuterium, and helium gases were separately cycled through a Johnson-Matthey purifier containing coiled palladium silver alloy tubing: Pd25Ag (75 wt% Pd and 25 wt% Ag). During the cycling of D2 gas, evidence of anomalous heat production was observed. However, during the cycling of H2 and He, very little (H2) or no (He) unusual heat events were observed. After cycling the D2 gas through the coiled tubing for several months, Pd25Ag samples showed an increase in Cu and Fe compared with the amounts in unexposed Pd25Ag. Chromium, manganese, and zinc were detected in gas-cycled Pd25Ag samples, whereas they were not detected in unexposed Pd25Ag samples. In particular, Zn was present in the gas-cycled Pd25Ag material in larger quantities than either Cr or Mn. Although a small amount of Cu was present in the Pd25Ag coil before the D2 gas cycling, 7 times more was present after the cycling. Multiple material characterization techniques were used to obtain both pre-test and post-test elemental composition. The results indicate that novel post-test elements, primarily on the surface, were created by unknown nuclear mechanisms at low energy.”

The full article is not available for free, but can be purchased through links at the site linked to above.