Indian Team Announces Excess Heat Production in 40+ day LENR Test

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for reporting about the following:

In a document titled ‘Modular Heat and Energy you can Carry’, published by the Centre for Energy Research at S-VYASA University in Bengaluru, India, the authors announce that they have been successful in generating excess heat over a period of more than 40 days from a LENR experimental setup.

The document has been uploaded at the LENR-Forum here:

Here is an excerpt:

“We at the CER have been working for the last five years on experimental techniques and methods of generating excess heat through what is popularly known as Cold Fusion (CF) or Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR).

“Mainly what is being done is triggering the atoms and molecules of metals like Nickel / Palladium
under different pressures of H2 / D2 and temperature conditions in many forms and see whether we can get sustained energy in the form of heat for long durations in terms of several months without any additional inputs or attention.

“We in this bulletin are reporting and we are happy to inform that we have designed, developed and
tried out a practical reactor over the last two years and now we are sharing the results with 50 W of electrical energy given as an input, the reactor is able to generate additional 50 Watts of excess heat
for long durations consistently. At the time of release of this bulletin, this reactor has already
completed more than 40 days of continuous generation of excess heat on a 24 X 7 basis and the
total energy that has been generated so far is more than 60 Mega Joules.”