Rossi and Team ‘Brainstorming’ E-Cat SKL Marketing Strategy, Still Undecided

I asked Andrea Rossi what his plans were to get the attention of potential E-Cat SKL customers were. His response:

Andrea Rossi
October 20, 2020 at 3:09 PM
Frank Acland:
Good question. We are brainstorming about this issue. The choice of a correct advertising. To make things more complicated are the distorsions caused by the Covid 19.
We have not decided yet, but internet will be the carrier.
Warm Regards,

I think that it won’t be terribly difficult for Rossi to attract the attention of potential customers if the E-Cat SKL works in the ways he has described. It’s a product without any precedent, and something that almost anyone can think of a way to benefit from.

The important task for Rossi to accomplish is to convince people that what he has is real and works well.

Already there have been many good suggestions posted by readers on the Journal of Nuclear Physics on ways to do that, for example, a coast-to-coast journey of an EV powered by the SKL, or a continuous live video feed showing the SKL doing something ‘impossible’. I think there a lots of possibilities.

So far he has kept the SKL closely under wraps, only showing it to select parties under NDA. Once that has been done, I think his biggest challenge will be keeping up with demand.