Rossi: Manufacturing Licensee Will Know All Secrets of the E-Cat SKL, Produce Energy Generation Products

Some interesting news has come from Andrea Rossi today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics. He has recently stated that he has come to a licensing agreement with a partner who will be manufacturing E-Cat SKL units.

Today a number of readers, including myself, asked whether this manufacturer would be given all the secrets of the E-Cat. Rossi’s response was that yes, they would. They would be making E-Cats independently of Leonardo Corporation, and presumably they would be paying some kind of fee to Leonardo for the privilege.

Those who have been following the work of Andrea Rossi over the last decade or so, might be quite surprised at this development, because he has always been extremely protective of what he considers to be industrial secrets surrounding the workings of the E-Cat. I suppose he must realize that if he wants to see commercial E-Cat products launched on a large scale, he would have to work with industry partners, and they would of necessity need to know all the ins and the outs of the E-Cat if they are to manufacture them.

I would expect tight confidentiality agreements would have been entered into with any partner he has, but of course, the more people who know about how it works, the greater risk there is that proprietary information would leak out.

Nevertheless, it seems like we are moving into a new chapter in this long E-Cat story as partners come on board to help fulfil Rossi’s ambition to have his E-Cat put to use in the world.

Another piece of information was provided today by Rossi — he wrote that the products that this first licensee would be manufacturing would be for “energy generation . . . Initially for industrial concerns.”