Report of a Skype Demonstration of the E-Cat SKL

In June of this year I was able to witness a demonstration of an early version of the E-Cat SKL by Andrea Rossi via Skype. The demonstration was covered by an NDA, so I had not mentioned it to anyone at the time it happened, but I have asked Dr. Rossi if he would now permit me to share with readers what I saw, and he said it was fine to do so, so long as I did not share any photos. I did not take any photos or videos of the demonstration, so that was no problem for me to agree to.

Dr. Rossi told me that he will not comment in any way on these notes because he will not give away any information about the E-Cat SKL before its presentation. So he will not answer any question related to these notes either here, or on his Journal of Nuclear Physics site.

Please note that the following description is based on my memory and notes that I took during the demonstration. It should not by any means be considered to be a scientific paper, it is simply an account of what I was shown.

The Skype call did not take very long, lasting approximately 15 minutes.

Dr. Rossi explained to me that the unit he was showing me was not a closed loop system; the electrical input was coming from the mains.

To measure the energy going into the system there was a Wattmeter (Perel E305EM5G) plugged into a 220 V 50 Hz. wall outlet.

A 12 V (XD-360-12) power supply was used, which was connected to the E-Cat control system measuring 10 x 10 x 1 cm. (AR provided measurements) This was connected to what he explained were two E-Cat SKLs of identical size, both of which were placed inside a passive heat sink which measured 20 x 20 x 20 cm (AR provided measurements). The heat sink looked like a large version of those heat sinks you find inside a computer for cooling computer chips.

During the time the E-Cat was turned on, there was a bright light coming from inside the heat sink, visible through an opening in the top.

To calculate the current produced by the E-Cat SKL there was an Ammeter (PEAKTECH 3430) with one probe connected with one leg of the load and one probe connected to one pole of the E-Cat,
while the E-Cat had the other pole connected to the other leg of the load.

The load was made with a 1kOhm/1000W resistor (Mouser- Product Number TE1000B1K0J) with one terminal connected to the Ammeter and one terminal connected to the other pole of the Ecat

Dr. Rossi turned on the E-Cat and took the measurements during the demonstration, showing me the meter readings via the camera on his phone.

The reading from the Watt meter plugged in to the wall was 115 Watts.

The power supply was rated at 12 Volts supplied to the control system of the E-Cat SKL.

The Ammeter reading was 0.92 Amps.

The resistance of the load was 1000 Ohms.

To calculate the electrical power produced by the E-Cats, we used Ohm’s law equation:

I^2 x R = 0.92^2 x 1000 = 846.4 Watts

Dr. Rossi stated that the E-Cats were also producing heat in addition to the electricity that was measured, but heat was not measured in this demonstration. He told me the estimated combined heat output from the E-Cats was approximately 1 kW in addition to the electricity generated.

That’s the report of essentially all that I witnessed. Now to my personal impressions.

I have to say that while it all seemed quite ordinary – normal instruments taking normal measurements of electricity –  yet at the same time I realized that I was seeing something that was quite extraordinary. Electricity was somehow being multiplied in an unknown way.

The implications to me are staggering. The demonstration I witnessed did not show a system in a closed loop, but it is obvious that there was enough electricity being produced by the E-Cat to close the loop, in other words provide enough surplus electricity to feed some of it back into the E-Cat’s control system to generate electricity. No coal mining, oil pumping, gas drilling, radioactive fuel, wind turbines, solar panels involved. The E-Cat fuel is measured in grams, not gallons or barrels, and reportedly can power an E-Cat for months if not years on end, without requiring a recharge. I feel like the E-Cat presents a tremendous opportunity for the human race to make progress in many areas of life, and I look forward to seeing how this ongoing story unfolds.

Frank Acland
Publisher, E-Cat World