The Issue of the Closed-Loop E-Cat

There have been some Q&As on the Journal of Nuclear Physics lately on the issue of closed-loop/self-sustain mode with the E-Cat. I reported in my description of the Skype demonstration that I witnessed that the E-Cat’s control system was powered by electricity from a regular wall socket. I had since wondered if that was true for other demonstrations that have been taking place, and Gerard McEk asked Andrea Rossi about this on November 7th:

4. Were most or all tests done by the certification agency done on a self looped Ecat SKL?
5. Were self looped Ecat SKL(s) in operation witnessed by Partners the certification Agency?

AR’s response:

4- no
5- no

I think many followers of the E-Cat consider a self-sustaining/self-looped E-Cat to be the optimal mode for this technology, as it allows for freedom from the grid or external batteries, and makes the E-Cat an almost miraculous achievement.

My guess as to why the demonstrations so far are not being done with a self-looped E-Cat is that it is probably easier for Andrea to do his experiments and R&D without it at the moment. A self-looping system would require more complexity, cost, time, and possibly less flexibility in running experiments.

Another question on this topic came up today on the JONP:

Robert Dorr
November 8, 2020 at 5:57 PM
Dear Andrea,

Will the initial production of the SKL by your partners allow operation in:

A. Units will only operate in self-sustaining mode
B. Units will only operate in non self-sustaining mode
C. Units will be able to operate in both self-sustaining mode and non self-sustaining mode, depending on what is required

AR’s response:

Andrea Rossi
November 9, 2020 at 5:09 AM
Robert Dorr:
Thank you for your kind support,
Warm Regards,

Here’s a comment by Wholewitt here on E-Cat World which I thought could be relevant to the issue:

The problem I see is that to make a self powered unit, the 920 V has to be converted to a low voltage (possibly 5 or 12VDC) to run the controls. This can be done but is not trivial. Most power supplies using off line mains can convert 400 VDC to lower voltages. Costs need to be kept low and how stable is the 920V?

On a related topic, I asked on the JONP whether the E-Cat produced AC or DC electricity. AR’s reply: “It can produce both”.