Interview: Fusion Researcher Lerner Contends There Was ‘No Big Bang’

Thanks to Gerard McEk for posting a link to an interview from the Asia Times with US physicist and founder of LPP Fusion, Eric Lerner. LPP Fusion is a company which is developing a process of nuclear fusion they call ‘Focus Fusion’ which they describe as a “Dense Plasma Focus device with aneutronic hydrogen-boron fuel”

The interview is dialogue between Eric Lerner and Jonathan Tennenbaum. This link is to the first part of four-part interview titled “The Big Bang Never Happened but Fusion Will.”

Here is a short excerpt from Lerner:

“Saying that the Big Bang theory is a well-confirmed theory is very much like saying that the emperor’s clothes are beautiful. It’s something that lots of people agree on because ultimately their jobs and income depend on it. But it’s not something that’s backed up by scientific evidence.”

“Whenever and wherever you look at what the Big Bang hypothesis predicts, and you compare with observations, then in almost every single case you get a mass of contradictions.”