Q Hydrogen Announces Clean Hydrogen Power Plant

Thanks to ECW reader Jag for sending the following:
which in part says

“Clear hydrogen is produced by extracting hydrogen from water, like green hydrogen, but rather than using electrolysis to “zap” the hydrogen away from the oxygen, a new technology does so using water that is subjected to external influences coupled with extremely rapid variations in pressure, temperature and motion. There is no heat, and more importantly, no carbon used or generated in the process.
This allows for hydrogen production at significantly reduced cost, without the carbon impact of conventional methods”

On the website of the company (https://www.qhydrogen.com/about/) there is the further statement which says:
“Our newest commercial implementation in New Hampshire will be the world’s first power plant fueled by clean, economical Q Hydrogen. We will utilize the Q Hydrogen Generator, which will produce sufficient low-cost hydrogen to fuel the facility’s initial generating capacity of around seven megawatts. Someday, up to 100 megawatts may be generated at this facility on a total industrial footprint of approximately five acres”
All that intrigued me but I was not convinced until I looked at their team at https://www.qhydrogen.com/team/
The inventor Whitaker B. Irvin, Sr. has a whole series of patents granted and pending
One among the several top notch advisors is General (R) James T. Hill U.S. Army Retired Four Star General – He also checks out.
To me what it looks like is that this could be very low cost clean energy