Q&As Regarding E-Cat SKL Certification

Here is an interesting set of questions and answers posted today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics dealing with the certification process for the E-Cat SKL.

Mark U
December 20, 2020 at 8:49 PM
Dear Andrea,

Greetings from Canada!
I have some nosy questions for you about the ongoing Ecat SKL certification, if your are able to answer:

1) Does the certification agency still possess an Ecat SKL on their own premises for testing?
2) How often do they come to visit your premises, or you theirs?
3) How often are you in communication with them via video conference or phone?
4) What are the issues most discussed?
5) Have they yet asked for particular changes in order to conform to certification standard?
6) Are you as confident as ever that the Ecat SKL will be successfully certified, probably by Spring 2021?
7) Will you continue to work with the same agency – since they are already familiar with the Ecat – as the Ecat undergoes minor changes before it is ready for mass manufacturing for industrial use?
8) Is the same agency likely to do the certification for a later domestic version?

Andrea Rossi
December 21, 2020 at 5:26 AM
Mark U:
1- No, the test is made in our premises
2- many times
3- many times
4- safety
5- yes
6- yes
7- maybe
8- maybe
A blessed Christmas also to you and your family,
Warm Regards,

It looks like the certification going on now is regards to safety. Rossi has state that they are building an industrial plant, so that would be necessary to obtain before putting them on the market. I would assume both parties are under NDA regarding this process at the moment, so all we have to go on are Rossi’s own comments. It’s not surprising to me that the E-Cat has not yet been tested outside Leonardo’s premises, as we know how protective Andrea Rossi is of his invention. It is interesting to me that here Rossi seems confident of certification by Spring 2021, we’ll have to see how that plays out.