E-Cat: Vacuum Energy and Ball Lightning

We have seen an interesting evolution of the way which Andrea Rossi describes the physics of the E-Cat over the years. Having rejected the LENR label, he is now in an equally controversial world in which he describes the energy generated by the E-Cat as coming from the vacuum of space. It seems that most physicists do not believe that it is possible to tap the vacuum to generate power for practical purposes.

The physics and mathematics of Rossi’s recently updated paper is big challenge for me to understand, so I was quite pleased when he posted the following comment which I think serves as a summary that is a little more digestible to a non-physicist like myself.

Andrea Rossi
January 1, 2021 at 3:32 PM
Raffaele Bongo,
The hypothesis presented on the Researchgate paper are based on two important points: the first one is the acceptance of a realistic electron model, while the second one is an extended electro-dynamics wherein the Lorenz gauge condition can be removed (see the cited bibliography).
In this extended electrodynamics you can create scalar charge waves in the Vacuum. Combining the Gauss Law with the generalized pointing vector equation arises the possibility of a long-range interaction that allows an energy-matter transfer from positive to negative charged particles without any violation of energy conservation law. We think that it is a realistic conjecture that the energy lost by nuclei/positive charge is promptly replenished by their interaction with the Vacuum fluctuation.

1-Are there differences in energy potentials in a Vacuum?
Yes, according to Extended Electrodynamics you can even create charge/current waves in the Vacuum. The electron itself is a current ring in the Vacuum!

2- Is the energy of a vacuum greater than that of matter?
I do not know but many authors believe that Vacuum energy is far greater than nuclear energy (eq. 17 of Quantum vacuum energy density and unifying perspectives between gravity and quantum behaviour of matter)

3- Do you think that Vacuum energy can be the fuel for the “mysterious engine” that accelerates the expansion of the universe?
Warm Regards,

The idea that vacuum energy could be far greater than nuclear energy is fascinating, an may represent an epochal leap in technology if it turns out to be true. We have to wait for the presentation of E-Cat to be more sure of this.

Ball lightning is another topic that some have considered connected with LENR/Cold Fusion/Condensed Matter phenomena, and I though it was interesting to see Rossi’s response to a question posed on the Journal of Nuclear Physics by Gerard McEk on the topic:

Q: 2. Do you think that the plasma sphere in the Ecat is (strongly?) related to ball lightning?

AR: 2-yes