“What is the E-Cat SKL?” Describe the E-Cat SKL to a New Audience

The following comment is from ECW reader thruthisimportant, and I thought he had a good idea of trying to come up with descriptions that could be used to describe the E-Cat SKL to an audience who are unfamiliar with the technology, and who may not have the technical background to understand the complexities of its theoretical aspects.

“What is E-Cat SKL”?

I am here thinking about the short (<100 words?..) popular message of introduction that when the time comes should be presented to the millions. In this message every word matters as it will influence the first impression of individuals and media (social and main)for a long time. With all respect for what Rossi and his partners will come up with... why not start a challenge on this matter already now? Open a separate thread where ECW readers are invited make their own contributions formulating popular presentations of the E-Cat. Maybe sorting them in two groups ? The basic level (< 100 words) intended for short verbal /and or written message to "anybody" without technical knowledge. The feature level(< 500 words), intended for further education. Could also serve for general article needs. At a later stage you could also introduce some ECW-voting with the aim to create the ECW - 5 in top for each level. Of course you are free to use my inputs in any way you like.

So I feel fine about going with his suggestions here. In the comments, readers can submit either a short (< 100 words) or long (< 500 word) description as describe above, or both. We can compile the results and make them available in a useable format for future use in communicating about the technology.