Non-Official Fan-Made Guide of how SAFIRE Works (Aureon Addict)

The following post and graphic has been submitted by Aureon Addict

Despite the myriad of support systems that allow The SAFIRE Project reactor to operate, the fundamental phenomenon and the basic setup which produces transmutations, excess energy production, and other anomalies is remarkably simple.

A wide range of anode materials and variations of the gaseous atmosphere work. Likewise, the configuration of electrodes can vary. The main key is to provide the conditions that allow for the plasma to self organize to the greatest extent possible. Despite the fact many different configurations may work, the specific materials and conditions they use are available to anyone who takes the time to review the extensive amount of information that has been released in a variety of different forms including videos, documents, interviews, patents, photographs, and more.

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As noted in the above graphic, one heavy Tungsten alloy they have had success with is W-Ni-Fe. More interestingly, they seem to be utilizing varying ratios of Nitrogen and Hydrogen gas in the fairly low pressure range of 10-20 Torr. Utilizing direct current with low ripple they ignite the plasma and while keeping the voltage fairly constant they derestrict the current and proceed through a number of different plasma regimes. After producing the regime with the large, broad double layers, they increase the current further until they collapse into a singular double layer very close to the surface of the anode. This extremely bright and dense double layer has an intense voltage gradient of up to a thousand volts. It is in this regime that the transmutations and excess energy production occurs. The proof is obvious: elements appearing in the atmosphere of the reactor, on the surface of the anode, and all the way through to the center of the anode that were not there previously.

The question then becomes how are the transmutations and excess energy being produced? The SAFIRE Project tries not to be bound to any one theory. However, I would like to speculate that the conditions within the innermost double layer with a high voltage gradient allow for a superconductive layer of coherent matter to form which is capable of manipulating matter on the most fundamental level and interacting with the superfluidic medium of space, the aether. Regardless of the mechanism, the excess energy and transmutations are real so this technology must be utilized for the good of humanity.