Online Workshop: “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Workshop in memory of Dr M. Srinivasan” (Jan 22-24, 2021)

Thanks to Sam for posting the following link which leads to an online conference titled:

“Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Workshop in memory of Dr M. Srinivasan”

This is an online-only meeting in commemoration of the life and work off Dr. Srinivasan who died recently. The meeting will be held via Zoom from January 22-24, with attendees able to interact with the presenters in live sessions.

Details on how to participate are available at this Schedule page:

Here are a list of the speakers and their topics:

Frank Gordon – “Lattice Energy Converter”

Francesco Celani – “Procedures to stimulate AHE by electric waves and/or low work function materials at high temperatures”

Jean-Paul Biberian – “Fission of palladium thin films in H2 atmosphere under laser irradiation.”

Jed Rothwell – “Excess heat from Palladium deposited on Nickel, Replications”

Michael Mckubre – “LENR experimental results by the SRI team 1989-2018; significance and reliability”

Pankaj Jain – “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Induced by Photon Emission”

Peter Hagelstein – “Introduction to excess heat experiments and some of the associated issues”

Thomas Grimshaw – “Dr. Mahadeva Srinivasan – Research Pioneer in the LENR Field”

Vladimir Vysotskii – “LENR and isotope transmutation in biological systems – evolution from the laboratory tube to the planetary scale.” AND “Using of undamped temperature waves to implement LENR in remote targets (theory and successful experiments)”

Most of the presentations have already been posted, with links available on the conference website. The Zoom sessions will allow viewers to participate in Q&A sessions.