Documents Reveal US Military Testing of Technology Described in “UFO Patents” (The Drive)

Thanks to Stephen and Toussaint for posting the following link to an article published January 26, 2021 on The Drive website written by Brett Tingley which discusses inventions of U.S. Navy engineer Salvatore Cezar Pais who has written patents for technologies such as a High Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator; a room temperature superconductor; and an electromagnetic ‘force field’ generator.

The article reveals that documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request show that hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent on the high energy electromagnetic field generator invention, and that the technology has national security implications, and commercial and military potential. The documents report that experimental tests of this technology taking over 1600 hours have already been carried out by military researchers.

The articles includes some images and reports from this testing, but the author emphasizes that there is no conclusion from the test that either prove or disprove the “Pais effect”.