NASA Team Reports Neutron Production From Co-deposition Electrochemical Cells

Thanks to Bob Greener for posting about the following:

A team from the NASA John H. Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio has published the following article

Title: “Electrolytic co-deposition neutron production measured by bubble detectors”

Journal: Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 19 January 2021

Authors: Phillip J. Smith*, Robert C. Hendricks, Bruce M. Steinetz


Highlights of the article:

• Bubble detector neutron dosimeters measured electrochemical cell neutron activity

• Case control: PdCl2/LiCl/D20 cells were compared with CuCl2/LiCl/D20 control cells

• Experimental cells exhibited neutron activity greater than controls: 99% confidence

• Highest neutron-generating experimental cells produced dendritic cathode deposits

• Neutron activity cannot be explained by chemical reactions, only nuclear processes

The full text of the article has been posted on LENR Forum here: